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The Profit Program
Karen Ahl Lifestyle Coach

You’ve built your business with grit, passion & hard work,
and now you’re ready to grow to that NEXT LEVEL!

Through The Art of Engagement,
THE PROFIT PROGRAM offers a Unique, Interactive,
8-Week Group Coaching Experience to achieve just that!

You’ll learn how to:

• make you and your business ridiculously efficient,

• create sustainable recurring revenue, PLUS

• better align with your marketing.


The Profit Program
Karen Ahl Online Lifestyle Coaching


All students meet LIVE on ZOOM, Every Wednesday from 9AM to 10AM over the 8 weeks.

Topics are spread out to offer time to plan and implement with 2 x BONUS Q+A sessions for further accountability.

Each session is hosted by Web-Sta Web Design Founder and Business, Lifestyle & Engagement Coach, Karen Ahl.

The Profit Program


Week 1 | Efficiency Part 1

Week 2 | Efficiency Part 2

Week 3 | BONUS 30 Minute Q+A Session 

Week 4 | Recurring Revenue Part 1

Week 5 | Recurring Revenue Part 2

Week 6 | BONUS 30 Minute Q+A Session 

Week 7| Marketing Alignment

Week 8 | Marketing Alignment

Karen Ahl Professional Coach


  • 6 x Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • 2 x BONUS Q+A Sessions
  • 6 x Interactive Workbooks
  • FREE Online Course Access – The Profit Masterclass 
  • 6 x “Reflection Reps” Exercise
  • Complimentary Online Document Review & Feedback
  • EARLY BIRD BONUS Valued at $475 AUD
Karen Ahl Business, Lifestyle & Engagement Coach

I would just like to give a big shoutout to Karen Ahl for the excellent professional presentation she did on her recent live Profit Masterclass. It was obvious Karen knows her business and it was great to participate in an online course where the presenter was clear, concise knowledgeable, and patient with all participants and the content was easy to understand and professionally laid out. Well done I am looking forward to your upcoming Profit Masterclass presentations…
Gus Mckenzie
STACHS Business Solutions