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Don't Make The Same Mistake That Most New Business Owners Make

A common rookie error… most new business owners wait until they are “Ready” before they start promoting their business, then wonder why there’s crickets when they announce they are open for trade. 

What if you could start building an engaged and enthusiastic audience WHILE you’re launching your new business?

Honestly, you’re actually missing out on a great opportunity if you don’t do this, and yes! It’s possible.

I created this 4 Step Checklist that will have you promoting your business online WHILE you’re still setting everything up. It talks about registering the right domain name, securing your social media handles, basic list building strategy, Google My Business, List Building and more…

Like A Mini Audit Of Your Target Audience

I created this FREE Client Persona Assessment as part of a broader course I created called Magnetic Marketing and everyone LOVED just how simple yet useful it really was. It helps you identify the customers you’re currently attracting, what traits they have in common and how to best match your marketing personality to suit. 

It’s super easy to follow with a simply Q & A style survey and is a great tool for new business owners too – imagine ‘designing’ and attracting your ideal customer profile from day one.