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Quick Q & A Style

A simple Question & Answer self assessment that’s easy to use, quick to complete and doesn’t require digging up much (if any) existing customer data.

Great For Newbie Business Owners

Even if you’re new to business and haven’t started selling yet, you can use this assessment to ‘design’ your ideal customer profile from day one.

Build Your Ideal Customer Profile

Once you have clarity on the type of people who you want to do more business with, you can better target your advertising and marketing strategies to best appeal to this audience.

Client Persona Profile by Karen Ahl

The Benefits Of Understanding Your Ideal Customers

  1. Fewer Time Wasters | Gain clarity around who you’d prefer to be doing business vs tyre kickers and customers you’d rather not have to deal with. This will help you establish better boundaries around what you off, to whom and for how much.
  2. More Aligned Marketing | Marketing can be used as both a repellent and a magnet… who are you attracting?
  3. Increased ROI | On your time and financial outlay as your marketing will more likely attract more of the customers you love.

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