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Karen Ahl Clarity Coaching


In 20 Minutes, you’ll be clearer about WHAT’S NEXT
for your business.

Let’s Start With… What’s Next!

Life is just made of patterns. Patterns of behavior that we just ‘do’ on autopilot day in, day out.
It’s when we stop paying attention for too long that we can become stuck, lost or simply a little jaded.

The same can happen to our business.

Booking Your FREE Clarity Call is designed to Interrupt these patterns so you can
get back to moving your business forward.

If you’re anything like me… you want to get you back on track, FAST!

You’re looking for a practical solution!
Something easy, interesting and sustainable that’ll get you moving in the right direction.

I think you’ll agree, Business is way more fun and rewarding when we know
where we are going and working with people we actual want to be working with.

By becoming aware of where you are now and where you want to be,
you’ll be better positioned to take the right next steps in your…

Marketing, Business Processes, Recurring Revenue OR Start-Up Journey

We’ll Cover a LOT In Just 20 Minutes

There will be questions, suggestions and ideas shared… all in pursuit of discovery the opportunities in your business that are worthy of further exploration. Even those you’ve not yet envisaged for yourself.

This could be better aligning your marketing, finding administration efficiencies, creating a recurring revenue strategy to even out your cash flow or simply building an online presence during your start-up phase.

Who’s This For

If you’re ready to explore these new opportunities, then this is absolutely for you!

This call is an introduction of what working with me would be like. I offer this free session to ANYONE ready to work towards building their DREAM BUSINESS.

Whether you are new in business or been in the game for years, we all need support at some stage… and I would be honoured to be yours!

Karen Ahl Lifestyle Coaching

Meet Your Coach

Karen Ahl
Founder – Web-Sta Web Design, PEAK Networking
Business Coach & Consultant

In grade 3, my younger Brother and I picked mangoes grown in our back-yard and sold them on the side of the Bruce Highway. I sold handmade jewellery as well sketches I’d done of movie and pop stars throughout highschool. I’ve only ever had one full time job in Marketing which led me to starting my first official business with my Father at age 24.

Soon after, I also founded Web-Sta Web Design, a bespoke web design agency, and have personally guided 1000s of businesses through their business start-up and marketing journeys over the past 16 years.

I now offer a range of Group Programs, 1:1 Coaching, free resources and Networking Events as a business coach and consultant.