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Hi, I’m Karen

My Vision

To create a community for conscious business owners to feel safe and free to live in the pursuit of their passions, grow sustainable and profitable businesses and create an intentional life that they love.

My Mission

Through courses, coaching and unique events I seek to awaken business owners to their potential and help unlock hidden opportunities to increase profit, create balance and find happiness.

North Brisbane Business Coach

After a considerably awkward high school experience…

I strangely knew that not fitting in in high school wasn’t going to matter. I knew, that out in the “real world”, something about me would stand out.

At 23, I started two businesses simultaneously. The first, a mobile rock climbing wall hire business with my Father called No Gravity. We attended everything from massive public events to small corporate team building gigs. I also founded Web-Sta Web Design, the web design agency I still own and manage today.

I desperately tried to fit in with what a proper business woman “should” be. I went totally “Corporate” when attending events and meetings. Soooo not my natural way of being. It lacked fun and creativity, and I was deeply unsatisfied. I’d become the same as everyone else, packing away everything that I deemed as ‘wrong’, unprofessional and undesirable.

 “It had to be better than this, right?”

A Powerful Reinvention

In early 2021, came the end of a 3 year business partnership. I was a solopreneur again. It was time to TOTALLY reinvent myself (again). I invested in a professional photoshoot that literally changed how I saw myself – the standout, fun and powerful woman I envisaged myself.

Since then, I completely realigned my web design agency marketing to match, still turning over quarter of a million dollars in revenue during the height of the pandemic. I also participated in my first ever online body sculpting competition shredding 7.6% body fat and completely shifting my relationship with my physique, training, nutrition and discipline.


Work With Karen

Now, I help savvy, ready-for-more business feel safe and free to pursue their
passions through shifting their mindset to awaken to their potential and
helping unlock the opportunities that are right in front of them.

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