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to build your dream business & dream life


to build your dream business
& dream life

Business, Lifestyle & Engagement Coach

“WOW! Every time I talk to you, you’re always enrolled in or about to start a course or activity to grow
yourself and your business. Can you please bottle your motivation and energy?”

I get comments like this all the time. I’ve been like this for a while now, and intentionally so. I thrive on continuous growth, keeping myself motivated and embracing my inner creative. From training online with Tony Robbins during the pandemic to dancing Samba at the top of a Carnival Float in Rio De Janeiro… I have consciously adopted an Engaged With Life attitude.

In fact, my main motto and life theme is “Engage Everything”.

From mindset to business growth resources, from muscles to intuition, engaging quite literally “everything” is the key to growth across any area of life.

I invite you to get engaged with all of the groovy, juicy, inspiring growth opportunities that your life offers.

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Next Round | Commencing July 12th 2022!
Karen Ahl, Business Coach
Karen Ahl Business, Lifestyle & Engagement Coach

“The 3 day course was excellent and I really appreciated your knowledge, experience and preparation and look forward to working together. Five star.”
Gus Mckenzie
STACHS Business Solutions

Karen Ahl In The Media
22nd June, 2022
Karen Ahl Live Business Training Opportunities
Next Round | Starts July 12th!
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What is An Engagement Coach?

Yes. An Engagement Coach is a “thing”, however the context differs.

In sport, it’s considered motivational coaching focused on discipline and increasing performance for teams and athletes. Well I do love talking about discipline.

In corporate workplaces, it’s most often referred to as employee engagement and company culture alignment. And I pay a lot of attention to how business culture and marketing can best align.

In educational institutions, the focus is on student engagement to identify who requires support. I also love supporting and encouraging others.

But notice how these are all about ‘other’ people?

  • What if the person who needs to engage more is you?
  • Who do you go to?

As a Business, Lifestyle and Engagement Coach, I focus on the area/s you need to work on next. Not EVERYTHING, just what’s next to help you build the dream business, body and/or lifestyle you’re seeking.

Engage Everything is my life motto!
I believe this means switching on (engaging) every physical, mental and spiritual tool and resource you have available to you.

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Meet Your Coach Karen Ahl

In grade 3, I sold hand-picked mangos on the side of the Bruce Highway, and my friends would buy my pencil sketches of movie and music stars in grade 8. I attended my first aerobics class at age 11, learnt tap in my mid 20’s shortly after I launched my first business then became a qualified dance fitness instructor in my early 30’s…So it’s safe to say that both entrepreneurship and health & fitness have had a big influence in my life.

Now, I’m the founder of Web-Sta Web Design, a bespoke web design agency based in Qld, Australia. I’ve personally guided 1000s of business owners through marketing workshops, presentations and 1:1 coaching.