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Meet Karen Ahl

Business Coach & Consultant

I’m the founder of Web-Sta Web Design, a business and mindset coach and business networking event facilitator.

I’ve personally guided 1000s of business owners through courses, coaching and unique events and also offer 1:1 coaching to conscious business owners ready to take control and grow to that NEXT LEVEL!

Karen Ahl xoxo
North Brisbane Business Coach

3 Options To Suit Where You Are At

Marketing Consultancy
Web Design
Business Networking Group Caboolture/Wamuran/Online
Karen Ahl Live Business Training Opportunities
Re Opens Early 2024
Karen Ahl Live Business Training Opportunities
Opens Again July 2024
Karen Ahl Online Business Courses
Peak Networking Group Caboolture
Upcoming Networking Events
Save The Date
Save The Date
Karen Ahl Business, Lifestyle & Engagement Coach

“The 3 day course was excellent and I really appreciated your knowledge, experience and preparation and look forward to working together. Five star.”
Gus Mckenzie
STACHS Business Solutions

What is A Mindset Coach?

I work with business owners and individuals who are feeling stuck and are ready to take radical responsibility for their lives. This always involves in developing one’s mindset through awareness and becoming more conscious of why you have come to be where you are, and what you would rather Be, Do and Have in your life.

Together, we work on WHAT’S NEXT – Not EVERYTHING at once. I’d bet that if your feeling stuck, you’re also feeling overwhelmed and worried about the future. The key is to awaken your passions, identify the hidden opportunities that are right under your nose and start to shift your mindset to move you in the direction of achieving your goals.

“Engage Everything” – My life motto!
To me, this means switching on (engaging) every physical, mental, spiritual resource and tool you have available. That’s what we’re unlocking here.

Request a Free 20 Minute Clarity Session With Coach, Karen Ahl If You’re Ready To Engage In More Of Your Life